At Blockade Tactical Company we believe that acting responsibly is a requirement. This website is set up as a place to share ideas about Guns and Gear as well as common sense preparations for emergencies. We are not doomsday forecasters. We always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We sell items that are useful for personal defense, hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Most of these items can be used for sport and everyday recreational activities enjoyed by people of all political affiliations.

The management at Blockade Tactical Company will not subscribe to an agenda that is negative toward others, or intentionally offensive. We believe in truth,and we hope for a bright future for all people and know that opinions can and do change everyday. This being said, we will state our opinion,and we look forward to hearing yours. We do not like insults directed toward us and will not insult or allow posts that are designed to insult others. Keep your posts civil and informational. Your posts will not be censored but they will be deleted if they contain vulgarity, anti- American rants, insults toward others, or other hostile diatribe meant to insite hostility in others. The determination as to what is acceptable for this site will be judged solely by the Management of Blockade Tactical Company. We intend to keep the posts on this site suitable for children and other innocent readers.

If in the future a disaster strikes then WE STAND READY and we hope that you will too. Look for future articles and reviews of items and guns sold by Blockade Tactical Company. We plan to have reviews by novice and experienced persons that may or may not be accurate as to the specifics of each item. The reviews will, however, be an honest assessment made by the writer. Many reviews are heavy on specifications and technical jargon but light on true conclusions arrived at by the user. If you would like to post a review, you can feel safe that you will not be insulted on this site because you are not as experienced or informed about a specific item as others. We look forward to a civil discussion on many topics useful for those who would be prepared.

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Welcome to Blockade Tactical Company – Online Gun Store

“WE STAND READY” is our motto. The welfare of America would be greatly improved if everyone subscribed to this motto. Blockade Tactical Company sells assorted items that will help you live a more active life and be prepared for extreme hardship or emergency. We sincerely hope that you never have to use any of our products for any other purpose than for the enjoyment of the American Experience. But if you find it necessary to defend yourself or your family, or to provide for them under extreme emergency conditions, we want to help you prepare to STAND READY.

Looking For A Particular Firearm?

If you’re in the market for a firearm, we have exactly what you need. Whether it’s our ample stock of rifles, pistols, or shotguns, we carry what you’re looking for. We also offer ammo that goes with all of the firearms we sell as well as other varieties. The best thing about doing business with us is that we have nothing but quality merchandise in our inventory. You can’t go wrong when you’re able to get the best of the best for less than what the other guys charge. Every gun lover should only spend as much on their firearms and ammunition as is absolutely necessary.

When you have run out of ammo or you want to add another gun to your arsenal, you can come back to us as many times as you want. We are in the business of developing lifetime relationships with our customers. We want to make sure that you’re satisfied with our selection and the prices we’re charging for our merchandise.

You must be 21 or older to purchase ammunition. Ammunition must be shipped UPS Ground. Please check your State, County and City laws for restrictions before ordering Ammunition.


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Shipping Policy

Blockade Tactical Company complies with all Federal Firearms Laws. Firearms will only be shipped to Federally Licensed Firearms Dealers. Shipping will be calculated on an individual basis. We will call any customer purchasing a firearm to aid in arranging shipping to dealer chosen by customer.

It will be the customer’s responsibility to make contact with that dealer and arrange for payment to them for transfer if required. Blockade Tactical Company must receive a copy of the chosen dealer’s Federal Firearms License prior to shipment. Credit Cards will not be billed until the firearm is shipped. Georgia customers can arrange for transfer and pickup at the Hartwell, Georgia location.

All firearms are kept at secure locations offsite. Pickup must be arranged in advance to allow time for firearms to be made available. Shipping charges shown are an estimate only. Shipping and Handling charges will be applied as actual cost when products are shipped.


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